Smart City & IoT
The Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Network brings state of the art technology to every street in the Sheffield City Centre

Smart City Ready - Idaq Networks IoT Access Network

The Sheffield Wi-Fi network and its supporting infrastructure can be used for more than just delivering free public Wi-Fi. The infrastructure has been designed to deliver high capacity low latency IP backhaul that can be used by a multitude of current and emerging technologies. 

The network's integrated IoT gateways provide Sheffield with a ready made IoT Access Network which enables the reuse of the network's WAN, LAN and WLAN infrastructure. This shortens the deployment duration and reduces the cost of implementing City and Private IoT solutions. It also enables businesses that would not otherwise have access to City Wide network infrastructure to design and implement large scale IoT projects.

CCTV Systems
(Mobile & Fixed)

Traffic Information

Monitoring Systems

Weather Monitoring

Footfall Data &
Heat Mapping

Ultrafast Internet 

Location Based 

Emerging 5G 

Smart Buildings

Our IoT access network and City wide wireless network enables building owners to take advantage of the latest low cost IoT building management advances. Using relatively low cost devices building owners can monitor and control their building infrastructure easily. IoT devices can be used for a variety of purposes such as:


Door locks
Lighting controllers
CCTV Cameras
Power controllers


Temperature monitoring
Sound level
Light level
Water monitoring
Movement sensors
Using a combination of sensors and device controllers any level of building management system can be created. Actions can be manual or fully automated using logic in the property control dashboard. 
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