Commercial Services
The Sheffield Free Wi-Fi network makes Sheffield CIty Centre truly connected for business.
The Sheffield Free Wi-Fi network makes the city truly connected. With its state of the art, high capacity mesh network it brings additional technology capabilities to the City Centre. Ultrafast internet services are available to every address within the coverage area.

Services such as business and residential broadband, ultrafast business leased lines, managed wi-fi, connectivity for student accommodation and other multi-tenanted buildings as well as cutting edge IOT technology and City Centre footfall measurement can all now be implemented throughout the coverage area. 

Additionally, Sheffield Free Wi-Fi web assets and technology can be used to reach out to end users while in the City Centre creating a unique opportunity for local businesses to promote their goods, services and events.

Offer Free Wi-Fi to your customers?

Would you like your venue to be an Official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi indoor location and be promoted via our service?
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