Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Coverage
Comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage at indoor locations and around Sheffield City Centre 
Over the next few months, we will be working hard to expand the Wi-Fi coverage across the city centre. This means you can stay connected to FREE Superfast internet wherever you go.

When complete, outdoor coverage will include all streets within the City's inner ring road and indoors at locations such as retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, business centres as well as some Council owned buildings. Wherever you see the Sheffield Free Wi-Fi logo.

Indoor Coverage

We provide free, reliable Wi-Fi at a growing number of indoor locations. You can be sure that the Wi-Fi in these locations are professionally installed and safe to use.
  Indoor Coverage Venues

Outdoor Coverage

We provide free, high speed Wi-Fi in and around Sheffield City Centre. We are working hard to expand our coverage areas to ensure you can stay connected in Sheffield
Outdoor Coverage Areas
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