Frequently Asked Questions
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Who are Idaq?

Idaq Ltd. is a Sheffield based, privately owned Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can find out more about Idaq Ltd. here

Who operates the Sheffield Free Wi-Fi service

The service is owned and operated by Idaq Ltd. Please see our About Us page for more details.

Who pays for the Sheffield Free Wi-Fi service?

Sheffield Free Wi-Fi is funded by Idaq Ltd. at no cost to the tax payer or local council.

Why should I use Sheffield Free Wi-Fi?

Sheffield Free Wi-Fi gives you internet access with download speeds of 20Mb/sec and no data cap. This will save your data plan allowance for when you really need it.

Getting Online

How do I connect to Sheffield Free Wi-Fi

Connecting to Sheffield Free Wi-Fi is very easy. Please follow the instructions here:

I am having trouble connecting what do i do?

The first thing you should try is turning your Wi-Fi off and then on again. Different types of devices can experience different problems. Please check the FAQ's to see if there is a specific answer to the problem you are having. If you do not find a solution registered customers can visit our support portal otherwise please contact us using the link on this page.

My device does not have the option to login, what do I do?

If you are using a device that does not allow you to visit our registration or login pages you can still use the service. You will need to create an account using a device that can visit our registration page. Once registered you will be able to add your device to the system by adding its MAC address to your account. Your device will then automatically connect to the network whenever it is in a coverage area.

Service Information

Do I get unlimited access to the Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can connect as often as you like for as long as you like and you can transfer as much data as you need.

My connection drops inside shops. Why?

We offer free Wi-Fi within the public areas of Sheffield City Centre, Unfortunately that does not include all commercial premises within the coverage area. We do offer indoor Wi-Fi for businesses with public areas. Please see our map of indoor Wi-Fi locations: If you know of a location that would benefit from having Sheffield Free Wi-Fi installed please let them know.

My connection is slow why?

The network has been designed so that all users should have 20Mb/sec of download and 4Mb/sec of upload.

Sometimes speedtest servers do not report the speed correctly so it is a good idea to test using more than one speedtest service. If you are moving while testing the speed it is possible that you are moving away from the Wi-Fi radio that your device is connected to and the signal hasn't dropped low enough for your device to connect to a Wi-Fi radio with a better signal. This will happen automatically once the signal is at the correct level.

It is also possible that we are performing network maintenance or upgrades that may temporarily reduce service levels while the work is taking place.

Will you throttle my connection if I use the service heavily?

No. We do not throttle heavy users providing the user does not violate the Wi-Fi service Acceptable Use Policy.

Use of Personal Data

Do you share my personal data with 3rd parties?

We do not sell or otherwise share your personally identifiable data with 3rd parties.

How can I remove my account?

Please contact us using our technical support portal and request for your account to be removed.

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