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Take advantage of our unique advertising opportunities and promote your business to thousands of City visitors everyday.

Engage with thousands of city centre visitors everyday

Thousands of people use Sheffield Free Wi-Fi everyday. Whether they are living in, working in or visiting the City, we can exclusively put your message in front of these users with tailored advertising campaigns. Our advertising campaigns can run for a single day or be part of a bigger marketing campaign. 
It is important to us that we make our advertising products accessible to Sheffield businesses of all sizes. We have created a range of products that will fit all marketing budgets, are totally unique and are available exclusively from us. 

Business Directory

A business listing section of our portal showcasing what is available in Sheffield City Centre.

Email Content

Your ad in the body of the welcome email sent to the users of the Free Wi-Fi service when they register.

Landing Page

Your ad is displayed once a user has logged into the service. No more than four advertisements in this section.

Service Sponsorship

Your business name & logo in all digital assets in the form of "Sheffield Free Wi-Fi sponsored by your Company".

Site Redirect

Users are directed to your website homepage from the login portal once they're connected to the internet.

Website Banners

Your banner ad displayed throughout all our web assets. We even have designers available to create your ad.

Reach our users

We are happy to discuss ways that we can help you to reach more people in the Sheffield City Centre.
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