Official Indoor Wi-Fi Venue
Offer high speed Wi-Fi to your customers, become an official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi indoor venue
Become an official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi indoor venue and provide the highest quality public Wi-Fi service for your customers.

As an official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi venue not only will your business be able to offer a very high quality Wi-Fi service to your customers but you will also be promoted by Sheffield Free Wi-Fi as an official venue across all our web assets including our website and our Wi-Fi portal. You will receive exposure to the many thousands of daily Sheffield Free Wi-Fi users, a fantastic way of marketing your business and effectively reaching out to our ever expanding user base. You can also promote your products and special offers over our service.

Being an official venue brings immense potential for the influx of customers to businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, Gyms, business centres and anywhere else with public access.
Sites displaying this sticker are official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi venues and will have the highest quality Free Wi-Fi for visitors.

The Benefits of Offering Sheffield Free Wi-Fi to your Customers

Gain New Customers

Customers expect Free Wi-Fi and will choose where to shop, work, eat and meet up based on the availability of Free Wi-Fi. Many search engines allow results to be filtered by the availability of free Wi-Fi.

Increased Sales and Profits

Your business will attract new customers wanting to access free Wi-Fi and these new customers will spend with you. Customer dwell times will usually be longer and this can also result in additional sales.

Customer Loyalty

Once a customer knows that your business has high quality free Wi-Fi they will use your premises over others with poor quality Wi-Fi. The result is more repeat business and more recommendations.

Marketing Opportunities

Customers can be encouraged to check-in via social media, leave reviews online etc. You'll be listed as an official venue on our Web Assets which are seen by thousands of the Wi-Fi users everyday.

Indoor Coverage Index

You can be featured on our Indoor Coverage Index. This is present on both our website, the Wi-Fi login portal and our other web assets meaning your business will be exposed to the thousands of Sheffield Free Wi-Fi users every day.  
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Official Venue Requirements

Official Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Venues must offer the highest quality Free public Wi-Fi. In order to guarantee this we have minimum requirements for the specification, capacity and performance of the venue's Wi-Fi network. But don't worry about the technical side, we will sort it all out for you if you don't currently meet the criteria. 

Sheffield Free Wi-Fi Network

The venue you choose must have a Sheffield Free Wi-Fi network capable of reliably supporting each of your Wi-Fi users with a minimum of at least 20Mb/sec. We (Idaq Networks Ltd) will design and install this on either a purchase or rental basis, depending on what suits the needs of your business the best.

Reliable Internet Connection

To become an Official venue you must have reliable & high capacity internet connectivity. The speed will depend on the number of potential users but will need at least 100Mb/sec available for public Wi-Fi. If you don't have a suitable connection, We can supply a private leased line at a substantially discounted rate.
If you are interested in offering Sheffield Free Wi-Fi in your venue please complete our online request form and we will be in touch. The network is growing quickly and we would be happy to have you on board.
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