Business Services
Internet and connectivity are our business. This is why top local companies trust us with their networks.
We have provided a range of internet services to a wide range of customers since 2003. We're 100% UK based and operate from our own high capacity data centre facility in Sheffield, with network points of presence in both London, Leeds and Manchester.

From our datacentre we provide a wide range of business internet services such as dedicated & virtual servers, server colocation, website hosting and domain names. Our datacentre also serves as the Network Operations Centre for Idaq Networks®, where we distribute and control our Icnos® wireless internet service, fibre network and the Sheffield Free Wi-Fi network.

Our services include...

Internet Connectivity

10Mb/sec to 10Gb/sec business class internet access

Wide Area Networks

National Point to point or point to multi point WAN connections

Business Wi-Fi

Corporate, public access or high density Wi-Fi systems 

Datacentre Services

Colocation, server racks, dedicated servers & hosting

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Please contact us, we are happy to chat about your requirement and answer any questions.
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