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Get ahead of the competition with Idaq Networks internet connectivity for your 

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Business Centres
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Private & Commercial Rental Accomodation

Hotels & Short Term Lettings

Exclusively from Idaq Networks

Readily available Ultrafast internet speeds of up to 10Gb/sec for both residential and commercial landlords. Our Internet connectivity can be delivered even if there is no local fibre available.

You can add our professionally designed Wi-Fi and your tenants will receive the best Wi-Fi performance available along with integration into the Sheffield Free Wi-Fi network. This allows your tenants to take their local network and internet connection with them into the City. A service only available through us.

Internet Connectivity

Up to 10Gb/sec of the highest quality internet connectivity to your building even if there is no local fibre using the Idaq Networks Icnos network.


Professionally designed and installed Wi-Fi networks with seamless roaming throughout the Sheffield City Centre. Your tenants take their Wi-Fi with them.

IoT Building Management

Manage your building with our IoT Network. Automatically or manually monitor and control heating, door locks, CCTV, parking spaces and much more. 


City wide LAN for your clients. They can stay on their home or business network even when they are out in the City.
Tenants keep their home connection speed even when using Sheffield Free WiFi in the City Centre.
Tenant onboarding service available. We get your new tenants online for you.
Your customers call us for support not you.
Hybrid wireless and hard wired solutions available.
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