Event Connectivity 
Ultrafast internet connectivity & Wi-Fi for temporary events without using slow and unreliable 3G, 4G or satellite connecitvity.
Using our network, multi-gigabit internet connectivity and Wi-Fi services can be supplied to short term indoor and outdoor events in the Sheffield City Centre and throughout our wider network coverage area.
Indoor and outdoor events need reliable connectivity. Often suitable connectivity is not readily available. We can work with venues and production companies to deliver connectivity and Wi-Fi services to their events.

Providing Internet Connectivity For...




Sporting Events

Connectivity Coverage Areas

Coverage can be supplied to most major commercial and industrial areas within Sheffield and Rotherham as well as 100% coverage within Sheffield City Centre and Rotherham Town Centre.

Temporary Internet Connectivity

Temporary event circuits with fibre-like performance can be provided for as little as one day. There will be guaranteed speeds, guaranteed latency and guaranteed up time during the event. Speeds from 100Mb/sec through to 5Gb/sec are available with public and private IP addressing. We can provide onsite engineers throughout your event for technical support to ensure your event will run smoothly and the process will be stress free. 

Temporary Wi-Fi 

Temporary event Wi-Fi can be provided alongside our temporary internet connectivity or it can stand alone and be connected to a locations available internet connection. We can provide service for production and public use and can cater for high density events involving thousands of users. Events can have a custom login/registration portal, password protection or open access. Event portals can carry public service information and advertising.

Features Include:

Choose How Long

Services are available for any length of time from just one day

Service Level Agreement

This means that the service will be available throughout your event

Speeds up to 5Gb/Sec

Guaranteed stable speeds and capacity over our own network

Low Latency

Fibre like performance suitable for streaming and voice services
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